Books and Journals for Print

Techbium possesses the capability of producing both technical and design intensive books and journal using the state-of-the-art composition softwares like

Adobe InDesign



Adobe PageMaker

Our ?ML embedded workflows allow us to offer print and beyond print services to our clients, thus reducing the time taken and the costs involved.

In this modern era of real-time turnarounds,Techbium has been successful in applying technology to serve both the conventional concept of aesthetic reading and the contemporary concept of having ‘information on your fingertips’. We have been offering a full range of end-to-end typesetting services in English, French, German and Spanish for

Science, Technology & Medicine

Higher Education


Humanities & Social Sciences


Techbium's core expertise works of a range of complexities from 1-color to 5-color, for which we have large pool of skilled and experienced compositors and template designers and we are keeping update our industry knowledge using The Chicago Manual of Style and other international standard guidelines.