Manuscript Submission

Why Manuscripts should be formatted?

Over the years, publishers have developed certain standards to make their publish easier. Manuscript format is one of them.Manuscript formatting depends greatly on the type of work that is being written, as well as the individual publisher, editor or producer.Rarely do editors wish to receive an entire submission in the body of an e-mail.Rather, most expect to receive submissions in Microsoft Word format - and even though that submission may never actually be printed on paper, it still needs to conform to the traditional standards of manuscript format. Writers who intend to submit a manuscript should determine what the relevant writing standards are, and follow them. An incorrectly formatted bio or proposal may mean that regardless of whether you have the skills for the project, you may be ignored purely on the basis of how you look – remember first impressions count. Finally, improperly formatted Manuscripts are rejected.

Why Manuscripts are rejected?

Authors have their research typed in the Word documents and for the editors to review, the manuscripts must be properly formatted.
The following are the some of the main causes a manuscript is rejected for:

Deviation on the Specific Journal Guide for Authors as Defined by Publisher

Submission Format of Tables and Figures

Exclusion of Preferred Section

Over or Smaller Size Document

Disorder in Journal Structure

Inclusion of any single character or any part of element in Section

Citation Style and Incompleteness of Corresponding Reference

References are incomplete or not update

What We Do?

Research by the authors will be submitted to academic journals they are related to. When a manuscript is submitted to a high-quality scholarly journal, it goes through intense scrutiny — even before it’s seen by the editor-in-chief and selected for peer review.Each journal has specific guidelines such as the formatting of the text and references for the manuscript to follow. We ensure that the manuscripts adhere to these guidelines so that the author can concentrate more on their research rather than formatting the manuscript.

Why We?

Our approach is designed to help the authors in the formatting their research with the expenditure well within budget. Through our low cost, high quality and reliable offshore services, we serve our clients giving them value for spend and thus client satisfaction with smooth and feasable