About the Company

Techbium is a privately owned services company from India offering Staffing, Software, Publishing, BPM services to clients across the globe. Launched by entrepreneurs who are a part of the most incredible technological breakthroughs across the globe. With 10 years of consistent experience in the Software industry, we enable business to monetize their services. Our services and solutions are designed with a focus on secure, scalable, expandable and reliable business systems. Through our low cost, high quality and reliable offshore services, we serve our clients giving them value for money and thus client satisfaction with ease and comfort.

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Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision:

Continuous innovation with expertise to deliver superior execution for our clients while creating wealth for all stakeholders

It’s a vision further articulated through CLIP - our trademark thought, plan and action guide from the get go. It forms the foundation for our success in efficiency and customer focus.

Our Mission:

Happy employees, Happy customers, and Happy shareholders

Our Values :

Our value-system defines our approach, attitude, and orientation with each other as Aegis-sites and in our work for our clients. Our team has the following qualities

Passionate || Responsive || Inspiring || Innovative || Honest || Focused || Energetic || Committed

Why us

A customer-centred approach to business

Customer Experience Management is the bedrock of our philosophy and business strategy. Our solutions portfolio is designed to make your company and its brands relevant to your customers life. We focus on knowing what you want to achieve and then align the right tools and methodologies to help fulfil them. In essence, we are genuine not generic custodians of our clients brand.

New age services

Our accelerated adoption and implementation of trending solutions and services (social media & analytics) helps your business capture upside opportunities and deepen customer networks in a world of high-velocity changes. Our services have one thing in common: the ability to keep your business highly responsive and adaptive to change- sense incipient shifts in global dynamics, customer-competitor behaviours and accordingly power future profitability. Our services span across all channels (customer facing and back-office operations)

Distinctive domain knowledge

Today it is not just about staying in the game, rather playing ahead of it. Outpace the performance game by revisiting our reliable ‘industry’ resources regularly. Given our extensive experiences, stable of blue chip clients and credible global service delivery, our intent is to help decision-makers perceive current and future business conditions for progressive portfolios

A collaborative culture

Our company’s culture is as diverse as its people; but the unifier is our shared passion in creating experiences that match expectations and set in the entrepreneurial spirit, be it for ourselves or our clients. The right experiences paradigm makes working fun as it celebrates the different views and values people bring to table, and combines them to deliver real-world results. A fact that reflects in the global audience we cater to, the empowerment our employees experience and the dynamic results we deliver.